Friday, September 16, 2016

Saturday, September 17th, Southwest Yacht Club


The day has come.  The Project didn't turn out to be the design originally imagined, but it seems to have created something useful anyway.  The final video features some photos of the school, of the Opening Day of the Ocean Beach Pier, of the 1966 World Surfing Championships, and some of our classmates whose photos and hometowns are on their Facebook pages.

If you click on this link, it will take you to the video. The video can be downloaded (but it is large), so I'd suggest bookmarking the web location instead to save room on your computer.

If you click on this link, it will take you to the Google Photo Album containing the photos in the video.  The photos can be individually downloaded to your computer.

I also found a couple of videos which are interesting history.

Hope you enjoy the results of the Project, and that I see you at the Reunion.

Gregory Fearon

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday, July 10th, PLHS Class of 1966 Photo Sharing Project

What Photo reminds you of our Senior Year?

Find a photo, and send it to me in an email with the a short explanation of why it reminds you of our lives in 1966.  I'd like to post it to our Facebook page, and to our Google blog.  We're not all connected in the same way, and this project is an attempt to share our experience to an even larger group of our classmates.  And it will make an interesting video at the Reunion.

And if you haven't registered for the Reunion, click on to do so now!!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday, June 17th, San Diego


Over a million dollars worth of scholarships were announced last night in a ceremony in the Point Loma High School Gymnasium.  Representative of local organizations recognized student achievements in academic, athletic, and community participation.  Included for the first time, were students who announced the amount of academic or athletic scholarships awarded from schools they planned to attend.

The Class of 1966 Pointer Sisters and Brothers selected nine more students, and were pleased to see them selected for numerous other awards.  In one of the most touching moments of the evening, Judy Hagar Schon, mentioning that the Pointer Sisters had been meeting monthly after 50 years in social gatherings, said "Remember that you can all stay friends even after all these years".  

Acknowledging the academic quality and highest standards exhibited by the Sister and Brother awardees, John Davis, presenter for the Pointer Brothers said, “Our folks were recognized by lots of others as among the best.”

John and Judy Hagar Schon, 1966 recipients of the Class Citizenship Award, also gave out the award to this year’s selections.  To each of the two recipients, they provided a $500 scholarship in honor of the upcoming 50th Reunion of the 1966 Class on September 17th at the Southwestern Yacht Club.

To see the photos I took last night, click on:  PLHS Award Ceremony

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

PLHS Scholarships Awards Ceremony, June 15, 2016


Tomorrow evening, in the PLHS Gym, the Pointer Brothers and Sisters will once again join other donors to award scholarships to selected graduating seniors at Point Loma High School.  While I'm there, I hope to begin the project I volunteered to undertake for our 50th Reunion coming up on September 17th.  Described as a slide show of old photos playing on a screen during the Reunion (not to be confused with the Memory Book which is also being produced), I'm going to explore the idea of changing it.  I think that most of us are going to be talking, and trying to connect with other old friends, and won't have much time to absorb what comes up on a screen.

I'm thinking of using this Google Blog to tell the stories and display the photos between now and the Reunion.  Personally, I think that the occasion of reunions ought to be the opportunity to ponder lots of things about those school years.  If I can get a couple dozen of those ideas presented in the blog between now and the Reunion, I think the Reunion communication environment will have been enhanced and supported.  And I think we'll all have a lot of fun adding our two cents into the topical conversations.

 So what about it?  Are there classmates out there who have something to say, and photos to share?

 To see the photos I took on Wednesday, June 15th in Ocean Beach, click on: Wednesday, June 15th