Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 15th, PLHS Reunion

Mike Russell, Keith Darracq, Alex McDougall, and Blaine Roberts.


The PLHS 45th Anniversary Reunion was held tonight at Nick's at the Pier, and those in attendance had a great time.  My reluctance to take flash photos in the evening light probably doomed a large photo video, but I have some hopes that the several other attendees with cameras caught enough to make an enjoyable collage of our classmates.  I'll post them as I get them to a Picasa album, and send you al a link to it.

Imagine ninety faces whose eyes and smiles haven't changed much in 45 years, now beaming back from bodies which have, but are still holding up.  Small clusters of 4-6 spread all over an upstairs bar sitting our standing with drinks and hors d'oeuvres (a little slow in arriving - sorry), and re-visiting old stories and new rumors.  Will Point Loma really close?  Fortunately, english lit teacher and baseball coach Kermeen (Punkie) Fristrom and his wife were there to straighten us out again.  Though some reorganization may occur in the junior high schools in the area, PLHS will stay the same design and open.

In the end, the comments all seem to include the agreement at some point in the evening that we had a pretty good education.  Sadly, most also agreed that schools in recent years would not be given the same grades.  Many thanks were given to the Reunion organizers for an excellent evening, and all seemed to be encouraging a more robust effort for the 50th.  At least three classmates volunteered to join the Reunion Committee.

Here is a link to the few photos I took: Oct 15th, PLHS Reunion


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Homecoming Game at PLHS


This evening, I went to the PLHS Homecoming game.  Kim Melhorn, our favorite Alumni coordinator,  stood near the front gate with a Pointer sign she had made today, greeting alums and letting them know there would be a parade at half-time, and that they were invited to participate.  I took the opportunity to check in with her about the Reunion, and then went off to see if I could capture the game in photos.

Here's the result. Hope you enjoy it.

PLHS Homecoming Game, Oct 14th, 2011


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reunion RSVPs


With all the different ways in which we're trying to get ahold of members of the PLHS Class of 1966, I'm using this post on this blog to keep track of who is coming and who might be coming.  

The Reunion is planned for the Saturday (Oct 15th) after the Friday Homecoming (14th), at Nick's at the Pier, 5083 Santa Monica Blvd, Ocean Beach.  We'll be setting up around 4pm, opening at 5pm, and closing down at 10pm.  We're trying to make sure we know who all is coming, so we can have a proper name tags and make sure folks get together.  There will be a $10 cover charge to cover our facility, hors d'oeuvres, and DJ costs (60's music), but you'll be responsible for paying for your own drinks. 

By the way, if you're going to the Homecoming, be sure to call the Financial Office at the School (talk to Mara) to get tickets held at the will call.  I recently got a emailed update from the Alumni org which reminded us that it sometimes sells out.  I tried to buy tickets online, but was unable to find out how, so I called and Mara helped me reserve them.  The number is (619) 223-3121, ext. 1112.

The same email says that the Class of 69 is holding their 60's birthday party at Nick's at the same time we'll be there.  I have spoken with Vickie Cocke (their coordinator), and we're working together to make sure we all have fun.  They'll be using the smaller dining area, and we'll be in the larger bar area.  We're going to collaborate on music and signs and communication with Nick's.
And it will give us another reason for why we're not recognizing each other.  

Names (Yearbook names)
Becky Adams
Kim Allen
Kathy Anderson
Beverly Barnise
Sue Bergen
Gretchen Bitterlin
Kay Bradley
Dave Brenha
Charles Brooks
Don Clark
John Cleator
Doug Coffey
Paula Collier
Keith Darracq
George Dauphine
John Donnelley
Gregory Fearon
Candace Gibson
Frank Gormlie
Judy Hagar
Mike Halbert
Linda Ham
Richard Hogan
Edith Heller
Wiliam Jones
William Joyce
Patrick Keilch
Judy Kercher
Joanruth Kingsbury
Louise Kirtland
Bob Knight
Cindy Lambert
Gaye Lingley
Jim Loebel
Karon May
Jerry Owen
Charles Park
Bill Paul
Chrissie Pendleton
Diane Podhradsky
Terri Orwig
Susan Price
Terry Reeves
Molly Robertson
David Robinson
Larry Rogers
Kathy Russell
Joan Schwartz
Roger Showley
Sally Sikes
Bill Sommer
Ron Soucy
Laura Tibbals
Ray Treppa
Bob Ward
Herbie Webster
Ann Wetherill
Ann Wilson
Diane Wood
Steve Zivolich

Mark Cable
Kame Richards
Gary Stone
Gary Thurber
Josh Weinman

To learn more, there are groups on Facebook where you can post comments full of info, and respond to those who post there.  Each group also has an event page where there might be additional comments.  Please explore as I tried to use every tool I could to get the word out, and invite all of us to talk.

Fortunately, our Reunion Committee and many Pointer Sisters are contacting their friends in our class to make sure they know.  If you know of anyone not on the confirmed list who you suspect is coming, or you suspect may not know, please feel free to  contact them for us.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

October 15th Reunion Planned

The Reunion is planned for the Saturday (Oct 15th) after the Friday Homecoming (14th), at Nick's at the Pier, 5083 Santa Monica Blvd, Ocean Beach.  We'll be setting up around 4pm, opening at 5pm, and closing down at 10pm.  We're trying to make sure we know who all is coming, so we can have a proper name tags and make sure folks get together.  There will be a $10 cover charge to cover our facility, hors d'oeuvres, and DJ costs (60's music), but you'll be responsible for paying for your own drinks. 

Because I know most people will not take much notice of the Reunion until shortly before, unless they are coming from out of town, I want to create some sort of interim activity online which helps those who are up for it to share a bit about themselves.  It could be a Yearbook linking all of our blogs, Facebook pages, or other web personas.  I'm going to inquire of other Reunion committees on Classmates and the Alumni Register to see what they have come up with to expand captivity prior to the Reunion.

I'm using a couple of internet resources to post information.  Classmates wasn't working out with its many restrictions, so I put together a PLHS Class of 1966 45th Reunion Facebook page, which I'm using in addition to posting info on the Alumni webpage and Classmates.

You know me, alway trying to bring folks together around common interests.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8th, Yearbook Progress


Now that we have a date and proposed place for the 2011 Class of 1966's 45th Yr Reunion, I'm going to use posts to this blog to create an updated yearbook for our class. Starting with those listed in our original senior yearbook, and including those who have contacted the school and the alumni association, it will be the most comprehensive information I can assemble.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Missing Classmates


Do you know where these classmates are? If so, I need to contact them. Email me at if you know how I can get in touch with them.

Gregory Fearon

Michael Abbey
Robert Reginald Alcott
Robert C Alliss
David Anderson
Edward A Andreatta
Ross Anzalone
Wendell Hebert Armstrong
Susan Meredith Bailey
Beth Porter Baker
Judith Ann Baker
John S. Barta
Sue Ann Batchelder
Chris Beard
Janice Lee Belcher
Christina Alcia Bell
Randy Malcom Belt
Barbara Jean Bence
George Cody Bergen
Martin Bettencourt
Paul Binner
Nancy Louise Bixler
Nancy Ann Black
Patricia Lee Blake
Janice Lee Blecher
Ellen Bogle
Lucille Marie Bogle
Michael John Boisvert
Blanche Ann Boles
Robert Joseph Boone
Richard E. Borja
Cathy Bourdon
Willis Leigh Boyce
John Stephen Bradaric
David Bravence
Bev Brazell
Judith Alison Breitenbach
John Bernard Bremer
David Shepherd Brookshire
Linda Christine Brosio
Teresa Lynn Brouillette
Paul Brown
Ann Caldwell Bryan
Anita Bull
Amber Maire Burke
Gail Ann Burkett
Gary Franklin Burnett
Marilyn Kay Burnett
Kathleen Burns
Mary Lynn Burns
Sherida Lynn Bush
Steve Mark Bushard
Barry Butler
Charles Butler
Diane Kay Butler
Barbara Anne Butterworth
Shirley Mae Cameron
Raymond Carlock
Christopher Carlton
Amelia Marie Carniglia
Don R. Carson
Susan Carver
Dean Lee Cary
Theresa Louise Caudill
Charles William Cawthorne
Robert Theodore Chambers
Carol Jean Chandler
Wanda Goode Chandler
Donna Chaplin
Rita Lee Chittenden
John Roy Cleator
Evelyn Coke
Randolph Dunton Colburn
Michael Leon Coleman
Michael Paul Collier
Richard R. Combs
Carl Michael Conrad
Robert David Corbett
Patrick Corless
Jo-Ellen Gay Cox
Stephanie Jewelle Crane
John Croup
Jay Curia
James Alan Curtis
Joette Rae Czarzasty
Gary Michael Dahlin
Wayne david
Nancy Eileen Dawirs
Richard Dawson
John Thomas DeDomenico
Suzanne Marie Delong
John Dennis DeMarcus
Ramon Benjamin DeRuyter
Ramon DeRuyter
Jeanne Marie DesGranges
Jeanne Marie DesGranges
Diane Mary Dettweiler
Barbara Lorraine Dort
Sheldon MacFadden Dunn
Laverne Teresa Dutra
Robert J. Dutra
George Marvin Dyer
Robin Ann Eitel
Laurel Lynn Farnsworth
Carl Faust
Alma Felix
Constance Jane Ferbrache
Donna Dee Ferguson
Margaret Jane Field
Richard Frederick Fields
James Frederick Fisher
Mark Edwin Fitzek
Victoria Susan Fletcher
Kenneth James Flocke
Walter James Foote
Connie Ann Forsberg
Ronald David Franson
Sally Frazier
Clement Hoffman Freres
Francis Virginia Frey
Roger Hartley Friend
Dena Mary Frierson
Floy Dell Fuller
Milton Bruce Gapen
Angela Marie Giacalone
Scott Arthur Giantvalley
Patricia Louise Giddings
Darlene Edith Gledhill
Jan Spencer Gobel
Patricia Ethel Godard
Barbara Ann Goetzelman
Richard Eugenio Gonsalves
Allen Robert Goss
Amanda Jane Grady
James Payne Grant
Carolyn Ann Graves
Margaret Gene Gray
Rosalind Ann Gray
Don Patrick Green
Ann Elizabeth Grinder
Barbara Jeanne Grisham
Annetta May Gruber
James Thomas Guenther
Nicolette Berneice Guyer
Lola Guzman
Helga Hiltrud Haag
Mary Jane Haas
Eileen Mary Hackim
Cynthia Helen Talbert
Jeffrey Borden Hall
Christopher James Hamilton
Sharon Hammond
Jay Roger Hanson
Kim R. Harp
Deborah Harris
Kelly J. Hart
Richart T. Harter
Mary E. Hartman
Diana Sue Hartnett
Diane Lynn Marie Hawley
Bruce E. Haynes
Alicia Virginia Head
Monica Gail Heilbron
Leonard Charles Hellingson
Gary Lee Herrera
Nathan J. Herrera
William Harlan Herrig
Don Clarke Hickethier
Gail Ann Hickman
Gary Lee Hicks
John Francis Hill
Michael George Hoffman
Richard Lyman Hogan
Peggy Lynette Holder
Jeanne Holloway
William Walter Holt
John Mack Hood
Stephen Jay Horrow
Kathleen Huber
Thomas J. Huber
Mark Hundhauen
Eric Arthur James
Jeanne Marie Jardin
Keith Michael Jeffers
Joyce Jenkins
Charles Dean Jensen
Brooks Matee Johnson
Penny Susan Johnson
Tish Johnson
Bruce Alan Jones
Mollie Ann Jorgensen
Sandra Kay Jorgenson
Sharon Jungemann
Peter A. Kasey
Peter William Kehrli
Robert Wayne Keithly
Mary Kathleen Kelley
Raimo M. Kellosalmi
Kathleen Kelly
Vicki Renae Kerley
Thomas Eyth Kettenburg
Karan Marie Kierlulf
Lester Curtis Kindig
Lianne Marie King
Sally King
Louise Elizabeth Kirtland
Gail Kline
Mary Ann Klose
Paul A. Knox
Reggie Koenig
Donna Kowase
Diana Lynn Kriz
Larry Hugh La Rue
John LaFleur
Michael George Lang
Larry Wayne Largent
Dixie Dale Larson
Robert Michael Lauer
Barbara Susan Lawson
Paul Junior Le Master
Linda Randle Lee
Sharon Tamara Lee
Richard Legerretta
Cristopher Leighton
John Lewellen
Carol Lewis
Nancy D. Lind
Carl Joseph Logan
Diana Kathleen Logan
Christine Long
Gary Gene Long
Evelyn Ann Love
Michael Frederick Love
Charles Lowe
Kathleen Louise Lowery
Marsha Louise Lloyd
Donna Marguerite Lucas
Martha Lynn Lundy
John Ernest Luxenburg
Martha Jean Luz
Leslie Eugene Lyman
John Lyons
Kevin P. Lyons
Paul Norman-David Machado
Berta Machado
Margaret Ann MacLaggan
Toni Sue Madera
Carolyn Ann Mahaffey
Barry Mann
Elizabeth Marble
Jerry D. Marcus
Coleen Ann Marions
Brenda Joyce Martin
William Warren Masters
Marjorie Wood Matlock
William A. Matteson
Janet Kay McCormack
Elizabeth McDonald
Alex McDougall
Katherine Claire McDowell
Michael Harlow McGeath
Mark J. McGregor
James William McLelland
Cynthia June McRoberts
Melody Lea McRoberts
Mari Estrella Medeiros
Carolyn Medina
Thomas H. Meier
Linda Ruth Meinke
Donald Patrick Meler
Mike Melfi
Deva Ann Mengar
Franklin Lloyd Merrillat
Marianne Middlebrook
Barbara May Miles
Sherida Jeremy Miller
David Lee Mills
Michelle Merrie Minor
Frederick Nolen Minter
Pamela S. Moldauer
Richard F.Moniz
Kathleen Agnes Monteiro
Barbara Diane Moody
Kathy Lynn Moore
Lynda E. Moore
Robert Mitchell Moore
Thomas E. Moran
John Dane Morton
Lynne Morton
Cathi Mulcare
Traci Jean Murray
Vern Edwin Nay
Michael Thomas Needham
Pamela A. Needham
Cathy Lynn Nelson
Richard Alan Nelson
Roger Nelson
Terry Nettnin
Steve Nielsen
Robert A. Norwood
Lynn Noska
Martha Ann Nugent
Sheryl Eliabeth O'Brien
Nadine Elizabeth Olderich
Susan Olivia Olson
Gary Lee Orwig
Terri Lea Orwig
Bonnie Jean Oveson
Leslie A. Page
Charles Henry Park
Frank P. Pattengill
Suzanne D. Patterson
Robert Hagny Paul
Mildred Louise Paul
Donna Jean Pelak
Ronald Duane Perez
Frank A. Perkins
Steve Perry
Daniel James Peters
Suzanne Marie Peterson
Kathleen Mary Phalen
Michael Pickens
Norma Kay Pitman
Barbara Ann Platt
Patrick Joseph-Elliot Pleskunas
Diane Lee Podhrasky
Holly May Powell
David Charles Rarick
Vicki Michelle Rasmussen
Jane Ellen Redding
Priscilla E. Richardson
Robert George Richardson
Jill Christine Riddle
Paulette Ridout
Sharon Noriene Riley
Lawrence David Riveroll
Michael Ernest Robb
Blaine Monte Roberts
John Stephen Rock
Regina Alice Roe
Richard Dale Rogers
Cathleen Alice Rohloff
Elizabeth Ann Romanowich
Allison Rosa
Maria Alva Rosa
John Ross
Susy Louise Rothbart
Evelyn Frances Rowray
Kathleen Roxburgh
James Michael Russell
Ronald Lee Saathoff
Gaytane Francis Sadulski
Richard Eugene Sandoval
Freda Jo Ann Santos
Jonathan William Sapp
Robert Thomas Sayles
Mark Schneider
Hayden R. Schuler
Jay Montell Schwartz
Britta Marlene Scott
Linda Kay Seaton
Vicki Joanne Sedlack
Judy Lynn Sewell
Lynda Gale Elizabeth Shannon
Lynda Shannon
Connie Shaw
Elizabeth Ann Sheldon
Cynthia Jean Shirk
Martha Anne Shirley
Kathy Sievert
Sally Ann Sikes
Esther M. Sills
Terri Louise Sills
Janice Marie Silva
John A. Silva
Brad Stephen Simmons
Michael Jean Simoneau
Steven Albert Skelley
Frank Alton Slama
David Brent Slaughter
Katherine Ann Smidt
Ralph Smiley
Edwin Benjamin Smith
Leland Dwayne Smith
Diane Cary
Gillian Vanessa Smyth
John Earnett Snedeker
Pamela Elaine Soares
Jarmila Sokol
Allen W. Speed
Celia Curry Spitler
Herberta Lenore Sprague
Martha Ann Stadler
Patricia Kathleen Stephens
Evelyn Tennie Storey
Rita Sue Sturch
Leo A. Sullivan
Mary Catherine Sumner
Barry Surles
Janet Lee Sweet
Kandice Ileen Sweet
Richard Swiderski
Kent Teruo Takasugi
Cynthia Helen Talbert
Joad Risdale Thewlis
Brian Douglas Thomas
Greg Thomas
Linda Norris Thorne
Laura Shirley Tibbals
Jerome Denis Tieszen
Douglas Ray Tillinghast
Charles Solon Todd
Gail Towers
Linda Ann Townsend
Mary Ellen Traylor
Janet Marie Treacy
James Thomas Trejo
David Lee Triplett
Marion Gillingham Truesdale
Constance Ethel Tulloch
Wayne Edward Umlauf
Barbara Ellen Underwood
Ronald John Ungehjer
Vicki Valersky
Patrick J. Vanderlinde
Cheryl Lyn Varela
Robert Vincent
Frank Virgadamo
Claudia Diane Vorce
Richard Eugene Waidley
Dennis Jon Wall
Kathleen Daryl Walter
Margaret Ann Ward
James Paul Ware
Joanne Leslie Ware
Barbara Jean Warren
Thomas R. Watson
Richard Gene Webster
Paula Raybecca Wegeforth
Joshua Weinman
Thomas H. Weller
Mary Dorothy Wenz
Steven West
Don J. Weston
Jean Marie Wetzell
Richard Brian Wheeler
Jan Marie Wilcox
Faletui H. Williams
George H. Williams
Thomas Wills
Adam G. Wilson
Kathleen Jane Wilson
Jonny Jean Winsett
Thomas Patrick Witkowski
Wendy Lee Woodward
Janice Lynne Wyant
Lucy Ann Wyman
Michiko Yamashito
Margaret Yasich
Marilyn Virginia Yost
Jack A. Young
Bernice Veronica Zaruba
Wendy Zedaker
Geroge Norman Zeluff
Susan Adair Sentz
Catherine Louise Zolezzi
Richard Zumwalt

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yearbook Progress


Well, I've taken all of the information from the PLHS Alumni database, and the 1966 Yearbook, and constructed an Excel spreadsheet with the maiden and married names and emails of everyone I could find from past reunions, Classmates, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Of the 800 classmates, I've got 67 on both Classmates and Facebook, 124 on Classmates alone, and 50 more on Facebook alone. That leaves 559 that I have no idea where they are. If anyone would be interested in getting a copy of it to help me continue to track down our classmates, drop me an email at