Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reunion RSVPs


With all the different ways in which we're trying to get ahold of members of the PLHS Class of 1966, I'm using this post on this blog to keep track of who is coming and who might be coming.  

The Reunion is planned for the Saturday (Oct 15th) after the Friday Homecoming (14th), at Nick's at the Pier, 5083 Santa Monica Blvd, Ocean Beach.  We'll be setting up around 4pm, opening at 5pm, and closing down at 10pm.  We're trying to make sure we know who all is coming, so we can have a proper name tags and make sure folks get together.  There will be a $10 cover charge to cover our facility, hors d'oeuvres, and DJ costs (60's music), but you'll be responsible for paying for your own drinks. 

By the way, if you're going to the Homecoming, be sure to call the Financial Office at the School (talk to Mara) to get tickets held at the will call.  I recently got a emailed update from the Alumni org which reminded us that it sometimes sells out.  I tried to buy tickets online, but was unable to find out how, so I called and Mara helped me reserve them.  The number is (619) 223-3121, ext. 1112.

The same email says that the Class of 69 is holding their 60's birthday party at Nick's at the same time we'll be there.  I have spoken with Vickie Cocke (their coordinator), and we're working together to make sure we all have fun.  They'll be using the smaller dining area, and we'll be in the larger bar area.  We're going to collaborate on music and signs and communication with Nick's.
And it will give us another reason for why we're not recognizing each other.  

Names (Yearbook names)
Becky Adams
Kim Allen
Kathy Anderson
Beverly Barnise
Sue Bergen
Gretchen Bitterlin
Kay Bradley
Dave Brenha
Charles Brooks
Don Clark
John Cleator
Doug Coffey
Paula Collier
Keith Darracq
George Dauphine
John Donnelley
Gregory Fearon
Candace Gibson
Frank Gormlie
Judy Hagar
Mike Halbert
Linda Ham
Richard Hogan
Edith Heller
Wiliam Jones
William Joyce
Patrick Keilch
Judy Kercher
Joanruth Kingsbury
Louise Kirtland
Bob Knight
Cindy Lambert
Gaye Lingley
Jim Loebel
Karon May
Jerry Owen
Charles Park
Bill Paul
Chrissie Pendleton
Diane Podhradsky
Terri Orwig
Susan Price
Terry Reeves
Molly Robertson
David Robinson
Larry Rogers
Kathy Russell
Joan Schwartz
Roger Showley
Sally Sikes
Bill Sommer
Ron Soucy
Laura Tibbals
Ray Treppa
Bob Ward
Herbie Webster
Ann Wetherill
Ann Wilson
Diane Wood
Steve Zivolich

Mark Cable
Kame Richards
Gary Stone
Gary Thurber
Josh Weinman

To learn more, there are groups on Facebook where you can post comments full of info, and respond to those who post there.  Each group also has an event page where there might be additional comments.  Please explore as I tried to use every tool I could to get the word out, and invite all of us to talk.

Fortunately, our Reunion Committee and many Pointer Sisters are contacting their friends in our class to make sure they know.  If you know of anyone not on the confirmed list who you suspect is coming, or you suspect may not know, please feel free to  contact them for us.