Saturday, July 30, 2011

October 15th Reunion Planned

The Reunion is planned for the Saturday (Oct 15th) after the Friday Homecoming (14th), at Nick's at the Pier, 5083 Santa Monica Blvd, Ocean Beach.  We'll be setting up around 4pm, opening at 5pm, and closing down at 10pm.  We're trying to make sure we know who all is coming, so we can have a proper name tags and make sure folks get together.  There will be a $10 cover charge to cover our facility, hors d'oeuvres, and DJ costs (60's music), but you'll be responsible for paying for your own drinks. 

Because I know most people will not take much notice of the Reunion until shortly before, unless they are coming from out of town, I want to create some sort of interim activity online which helps those who are up for it to share a bit about themselves.  It could be a Yearbook linking all of our blogs, Facebook pages, or other web personas.  I'm going to inquire of other Reunion committees on Classmates and the Alumni Register to see what they have come up with to expand captivity prior to the Reunion.

I'm using a couple of internet resources to post information.  Classmates wasn't working out with its many restrictions, so I put together a PLHS Class of 1966 45th Reunion Facebook page, which I'm using in addition to posting info on the Alumni webpage and Classmates.

You know me, alway trying to bring folks together around common interests.